Can It Be Done?




It’s been a long time.

A really long time.

In fact, it’s been years.

I’ve missed it, 

and you.

It’s never easy,

trying to go back,

to recapture 

the magic.


I think I will try.


If you’ll have me.

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Daily Prompt

As I start over with my blogging, I’ve elected to try something new.  Word Press offers a daily prompt for inspiration.  I think I’d like to give it a try.

Today’s prompt:  Go to page 82 of the current book you are reading.  Select the 3rd full sentence and incorporate it into your post.  My sentence: “No one’s going to tell you the truth.”

What a thought-provoking sentence. Do people tell us the truth?  I think many of us have wondered this ourselves.  I know that I have.  It happens in relationships, buying a car, during a job interview, during newscasts, or reading the Black Friday sales circulars.

Do people tell us the truth?  I’d like to hope so.  Without that hope, it would be a very sad and scary place.  We have to trust.  Yet, we must also weigh out what we are being told.  We must educate ourselves and trust our instincts, don’t you think?  We can’t control what others do but we can control how we react.

What a great world we’d live in if we all chose one simple rule.  To tell the truth.  It’s a motto I can live with.

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A New Beginning

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Jill.  I used to have a blog over at blogspot but it has left my grasp.  It’s floating around somewhere in cyberspace but I cannot tend to it.  So I find myself here.  At Word Press.  A new home.  I am hoping, a happy home.


A brief introduction.  I am a 50 something year old, single woman that has two (adult, technically) children.  They are my life.  I am a paraprofessional and deal with special needs students on a daily basis.  I learn far more from them than they do from me.


Life can be stressful as I bring the bacon home and fry it up too.  I always try to keep a sense of humor and my hobbies are writing, amateur photography, rubber stamping and a little gardening.


I will be a sporadic blogger, I’m afraid but life sometimes gets in the way of how I like to spend my time.  I bet most of you can relate to that!  None the less, I look forward to getting to know you and am looking forward to sharing my life with you too.

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